Infiniti Middle East Sites
Launched the Infiniti Middle East website alongside 10 regional sites across four languages. Assisted Infiniti Global in rolling out the newly designed Content Management System across the region. Responsible for updating and maintaining 22 sites through out the year to ensure relevant data release to all markets in a timely and efficient manner. Also responsible for designing and deploying a unique lead capture module aimed at automating the process.

29% increase in visits
38% increase in time spent on site
31% increase in lead capture
Growth compare to previous year's results
Nissan Brand
Commissioned by Nissan to create a corporate digital presence for the brand. The site comes complete with multi-media content including streaming vides and image galleries.

The site showcases the forward thinking of the Nissan Brand.

52,000+ Unique Visitors
Over a 90 day period

in association with Mindshare
Energizer Beam Art
Complex programming at it's best! Designed and developed - from scratch! - an interactive BEAM ART application that allowed users to virtually paint using glowing beams. Users could also store their works of art in a gallery. Social plug-ins allowed users to share their masterpiece with their friends inviting them to LIKE their BEAM ART canvas for amazing prizes.

10,000+ unique visitors
1,300+ active users
7000+ artworks created
Over a 30 day period

in association with MEC MENA
Al Alali Cookbooks Competition
Conceptualized and designed a promotion to increase user engagement with the brand. Programmed a complex infrastructure allowing people to create cookbooks and add recipes to it. Also gave users the option of storing their cookbooks on the site for ready reference. The concept generated tremendous viral activity with users sharing recipes and cookbooks across multiple social platforms.

64,000+ unique visitors
50,000+ active users
4,000+ cookbooks created
Over a 30 day period

in association with Clique Media
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Infiniti Middle East Mobile Site
The growing popularity of mobile related internet penetration prompted us to propose a mobile site for Infiniti's Middle East websites. Developed a one-of-a-kind cross platform mobile site using HTML5 and JavaScript. Allowed users to request brochures, book test drives, engage with a unique car configuration module and explore the range of Infiniti cars all through the comfort of their smartphone.

36% increase in visits
30% increase in lead capture
Over and above the Middle East website
Infiniti Newsroom Mobile Site
Designed and developed a complex and efficient media site for Infiniti's media partners. Users can browse through and download a variety of content including media kits, videos, images (both hi & lo-res) through a unique shopping cart system.

The site is available across multiple platforms including all smartphones.

Significantly increased interaction amongst Infiniti's media partners.
Al Alali Pasta Jewelry FB app
The Al Alali Pasta Jewelry app is a fun Facebook application which allowed users to take different pasta shapes from the Al Alali range and create jewelry out of them. This intuitive and creative canvas was very well received by the Al Alali Facebook community with a record number of designs created.

3,000+ active users
7,000+ artworks created
1,000+ shares
Over a 60 day period

in association with Clique Media
Saha w Hana iOS app
An iPhone/iPad app targeted at the budding chef. The idea was to provide users with a database of browsable recipes at their fingertips (via their iPhone or iPad). And to encourage a sense of community sharing users also had the option of submitting their recipes via the app using our patented in-app video recording facility!

31,000+ app downloads
2,600+ active users
200+ recipes created
Over a 90 day period

in association with Clique Media
Star FM Desktop app
The StarFM widget is a one of a kind online radio desktop application. It was designed for the launch of StarFM with a host of innovative features. Apart from live streaming the widget also gave you the option of recording a shout out and sending it to the station. Requesting a song via a playlist. The ability to update your Facebook status. And to participate in different competitions that the radio station pushed out via the app.

26,000+ app downloads
1,800+ active users
Over a 90 day period
Al Alali Tuna Story
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Dubai Meat Club
A one of kind forum to inform and engage Meat Lovers in Dubai. Using Facebook as the main medium of communication, we manage the page with updates on local happenings around town on anything meat. It is currently the fastest growing food based club in the region with high interest levels and engagement opportunities.
Emirates NBD Golf
Developed the social media presence for Emirates NBD around their sponsorship of the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters and the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. Created Facebook & Twitter pages that carried not only golf relevant content but in fact real-time on ground reporting of all four days of the tournament action. Installed touch screens inside the corporate chalets to increase user interaction with the social channels.
ADSS Events & Entertainment
Created as a touch point for ADSS to engage with their audience. Primarily on Facebook, ADSS uses this forum to inform it's fans about various events the it organizes all year round. Relevant content centered around events and artists is filtered through to create buzz and excitement.